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Welcome To Jessica's Undercover Wear Page!

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Undercover Wear was thought of and is owned by Tiffany and Walter James. Their company has been around for 30 years and they are doing better than ever. With agents from every state and Canada they are selling their products right in the living room! If you would like to have your very own Undercover Wear Party with all of your closet friends, or if you are a guy visiting this page and you would like to book a party for your special lady then please feel free to browse the Undercover Wear website. If you would like to view some more of the naughty items that Undercover Wear has to offer then please feel free to browse the Bedroom Magic link at the bottom of the page. For more information please visit the Undercover Wear website or feel free to call me @ 814-289-7932 or e-mail me at

Undercover Wear welcomes EVERYONE!!!

Undercover Wear's Main Website
Undercover Wear's Main Bedroom Magic Site